Observance of National Integrity Day at ICAR-NINFET on 31st October, 2020

National Integrity Day or Rashtriya Ekta Diwas was observed in ICAR -National Institute of Natural fibre Engineering and Technology (ICAR-NINFET) on 31st October, 2020. All the staffs of the ICAR-NINFET attended the program through online and ofline mode. Nodal officer Dr Biplab Saha gave short introduction about the importance of the National Integrity Day highlighting that,”Unity in Diversity” is uniqueness and  Identity of India. He also emphasized that we should keep our unity intact at any cost. Then “Integrity Pledge” was read out by Dr D.B. Shakyawar, Director, ICAR-NINFET in English and Sh. Navin Jha, SAO, ICAR-NINFET in Hindi. In his shot speech Dr Shakyawar emphasized to maintain unity between the people of different castes, religions and creeds so that in spite of different cultures and faiths we can maintain our identity as Indian. He also reminded us our Late Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi sacrificed her life for the cause of united India. After the end of pledge ceremony, a march past was organized under the leadership of the Director within the ICAR-NINFET campus premises to spread the awareness a message of integrity and harmony among different castes, religions and creeds towards unified India.


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