The XXVII Research Advisory Committee (RAC) Meeting was held during March 26-27, 2018 under the Chairmanship of Dr. B.C. Mal, Vice Chancellor, JIS University. Dr. S. N. Jha, ADG (PE), ICAR, Dr. K. K. Satapathy, Ex-Director, ICAR-NIRJAFT, Dr. D. Chakraborty, Ex-Professor, University of Calcutta, Prof. A. K. Agrawal, Professor, IIT Delhi, Sh. S. N. Lahoti, Group President (Works), The Empire Jute Co. Ltd., Kolkata, Dr. A.N. Roy, Director , ICAR-NIRJAFT, Dr. S. N. Chattopadhyay, Principal Scientist and Member Secretary, RAC were present in the meeting. Dr. A.N. Roy, Director, ICAR-NIRJAFT welcomed Chairman, all the RAC Members, panellists of the Brain Storming Session and the staffs of ICAR-NIRJAFT.

A brainstorming session on Market Prospects and Innovations of Natural Fibres under the Chairmanship of Dr. B.C. Mal was also conducted. The speakers in this occasion were Dr. D. K. Kundu, Head, Plant Production Department in lieu of Director ICAR-CRIJAF, Sh. B. Saha, Group General Manager (Planning & Development), Murlidhar Ratanlal Exports Ltd., Kolkata in lieu of Mr. S. Kajaria, Joint Managing Director, Ex-Prof. (Dr.) S C Ray, DJFT (Formally known as IJT), CU, Kolkata, Dr. D Sur, Ex Sr. Deputy Director, IJIRA, Mr. S. K. Chandra, Chief Executive (Works) and Director, Hooghly Infrastructure Ltd. Kolkata. All the RAC Members, all the scientist, SAO and FAO of ICAR-NIRJAFT were also participated in the discussion.. The Chairman mentioned that this institute is working in varied application areas not only for jute but for other natural fibres with the existing facility. Dr. S.N. Jha, ADG (PE) emphasised that project should have three components, basic research, product/ process/ machinery development and technology transfer. 

QRT report may be given top importance for formulation of new projects which should be industry-friendly and easily adaptable. The action taken report was presented by Dr S N Chattopadhyay, Member Secretary. The Progress Report, divisional activities and ongoing R&D projects were presented by respective Head of the Divisions. 

At the end, Dr. S. N. Chattopadhyay, Principal Scientist and Member Secretary, RAC expressed his sincere thanks to the Chairman and all the members for active and rewarding participation in the meeting.
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