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  • Design and development of a commercial extractor for palf. Project Code QEI-13, PI- Dr L K Nayak.
  • Performance analysis of crop specific agro-textiles. Project Code QEI-15, PI- Dr B Saha
  • Development of electronic colour and lustre meter for jute and mesta fibre. Project Code QEI-16 PI Dr G Roy.
  • Development of palf-silk-ramie blended apparels. Project Code MP-8 PI- Shri Seiko Jose
  • Development of suitable expert system for analysis of defects of jute fabrics during inspection. Project Code MP-9 PI- Shri Sujai Das.
  • Development of nonwoven fabrics from banana and sunhemp fibres. Project Code MP-10, PI- Dr S Sengupta.
  • Development of portable coconut fibre strength tester. Project Code MP–11, PI-Dr Gautam Basu.
  • Development of coated and laminated products based on jute. Project Code MP-12,  PI- Dr  Gautam Basu
  • Development and evaluation of eco-friendly water miscible jute conditioning agent. Project Code MP – 13, PI- Shri. Seiko Jose.
  • Application of enzymes for making pulp and paper with improved characteristics using different lignocellulosic fibre. Project Code CBP-7, PI- Dr S N Chattopadhyay.
  • Functional finishing of jute textile by suitable nanoparticles. Project Code CBP-9, PI- Dr L Ammayappan.
  • Eco-friendly printing of jute with natural dyes. Project Code CBP–10, PI- Dr S N Chattopadhyay.
  • Development of jute pulp for making tissue paper and sanitary napkins. Project Code CBP–11, PI- Dr S N Chattopadhyay.
  • Preparation of activated carbon from jute stick by chemical activation. Project Code CBP–12, PI- Dr R K Ghosh.
  • Studies on techno-economic constraints and opportunity of jute diversified products manufacturing. Project Code TOT-7, PI- Dr S B Roy.
  • Design, development and dissemination of jute based decorative fabric. Project Code TOT-8, PI- Dr A N Roy.
  • Comparative evaluation of ribboner developed by nirjaft. Project Code TOT-9, PI- Dr V B Sambhu.