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  • Laccase from Microbes for Value Addition in Jute. Project Code- QEI-17, PI- Dr Avijit Das.
  • Comprehensive Mesta and Bimli Grading System. Project Code- QEI-18, PI- Dr S C Saha.
  • Development of Technology for Extraction and Characterization of Nano-Cellulose From Jute Caddis/ Jute Stick Project Code- QEI-19, PI- Dr D P Ray.
  • Development of Digital Hairiness Meter for Jute Yarn. Project Code- QEI-20, PI- Dr Gautam Roy.
  • Handy Jute Fibre Bundle Strength Tester for Farmers. Project Code- QEI-21, PI- Dr S C Saha.
  • Development of Accelerated Retting Technology for Jute and Mesta Plant. Project Code- QEI-22, PI- Dr D P Ray.
  • Jute Mapping and Estimation of Fibre Quality. Project Code- QEI-23, PI- Dr Biplab Saha.
  • Development of Yarn from Indian Flax for Technical Textile. Project Code- MP-14, PI- Dr Sanjoy Debnath.
  • Development of Low Area Density Jute Non-Woven Fabric for Carry Bags. Project Code- MP-15, PI- Dr Surajit Sengupta.
  • Development of Interlinear/ Garment Stiffener/ Filler from Sunhemp and Banana Nonwoven. Project Code- MP-16, PI- Dr Surajit Sengupta.
  • Development of Jute Yarn Diameter Irregularity Tester. Project Code- MP-17, PI- Dr Sujai Das.
  • Development of Digital Drape Meter. Project Code- MP-18, PI- Shri Manik Bhowmick.
  • Preparation of Activated Carbon from Jute Stick By Chemical Activation. Project Code- CBP-12, PI- Dr R K Ghosh.
  • Jute Based Conductive Polymer Composite For Electromagnetic Shielding. Project Code- CBP-13, PI- Dr L Ammayappan.
  • Modification of Yak Fibre for Making It Suitable For Blended Yarn Production in Jute Spinning System. Project Code- CBP-14, PI- Dr K K Samanta.
  • Sustainable Flame Retardant Finishing Of Jute and Jute-Cotton Fabrics Using Plant Extracts. Project Code- CBP-15, PI- Dr K K Samanta.
  • Aroma Finishing On Jute Textiles. Project Code- CBP-16, PI- Dr N C Pan.
  • Development Of Jute Based Composite Products. Project Code- CBP-17, PI- Dr L Ammayappan.
  • Development of Universal Bleaching Process of Jute for Textile and Non-textile. Applications. Project Code- CBP-18, PI- Dr S N Chattopadhyay.
  • Developing and Undertaking Of Extension Services for Effective Dissemination of Institute Technologies. Project Code- ToT-10, PI- Dr S B Roy.
  • Improvement, Upscaling and Popularisation of Power Ribboner. Project Code- ToT-11, PI- Dr V B Shambhu.