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  • Development of appropriate processing technology for apparels from flax/ jute. Project Code 2.37, PI- Dr S K Dey.
  • Performance evaluation of jute-fibre based pads in evaporatively cooled storage structure. Project Code 3.14, PI- Dr L K Nayak.
  • Study on pulping characteristics of Date-Palm (Phoenix Dactylifera -L) leaves. Project Code 4.40, PI- Dr S K Ghosh.
  • Investigation into the role of chemical accelerator and utilization potential of retting residue in the accelerated jute retting technology and its assessment for adoption through field demonstrations. Project Code 1.43, PI- Dr S K Bhaduri.
  • Development of bio-adhesives from cell-wall polymers of jute and ramie fibre crops. Project Code QEI-1, PI- Dr S K Bhaduri.
  • To study the effectiveness of fungal retting by sclerotium sp. At farmer’s field. Project Code QEI-9, PI - Dr M K Basak.
  • Development of jute-based winter garments. Project Code MP-4, PI- Dr S Debnath.
  • Development of composite yarns for technical textiles from natural fibres based on friction spinning technology. Project Code MP-6, PI- Dr S K Dey.
  • Development of natural fibre-based geotextiles and placement system for protection of river-bank and improvement of soil stabilization. Project Code MP-1, PI- Dr G Basu.
  • Development of portal for jute Project Code TOT-1, PI- Shri S Das.
  • Development of an image processing system to find the quality of jute fibre. Project Code QEI-5, PI- Dr G Roy.
  • Development of fibre-board from jute plant. Project Code CBP-2, PI- Dr P K Ganguly.
  • Development of jute based composites for industrial application. Project Code CBP-3, PI- Dr P K Ganguly.
  • Development of a PLC based process control system for jute industries. Project Code QEI-6, PI- Dr G Roy
  • Modification of jute spinning machinery. Project Code MP-5, PI- Dr S Debnath.
  • A comparative study of different pulping methods on jute and allied fibres for making value added handmade paper. Project Code CBP-1. PI- Dr A K Roy.
  • Dyeing of jute fabric using natural dyes with improved fastness properties. Project Code CBP-4, PI – Dr S N Chattopadhyay.
  • Application of biotechnology in the colouration of jute fabric. Project Code CBP-5, PI - Dr N C Pan.
  • Energy from jute and agro-residue biomass. Project Code CBP-6, PI- Dr L K Nayak.
  • Analysis of Information dissemination techniques in transfer of jute and allied fiber technology through training, exhibitions and demonstration for rural development. Project Code TOT-2, PI- Dr U Sen.
  • Development of a user-friendly jute grading system. Project Code QEI-7, PI- Dr S C Saha.
  • Online moisture measurement system for lignocellulosic fibre processing system. Project Code QEI-10, PI- Dr G Roy.
  • Enhancing the figuring capacity of developed handloom and study of its weaving performance for speciality fabric production and product development there from. Project Code MP-2, PI- Dr A N Roy.
  • Processing of natural fibres like banana and linseed in jute spinning system and development of value added products. Project Code MP-3, PI- Dr A N Roy.
  • Study on bending, frictional and electrical behaviour of jute materials. Project Code MP-7, PI- Dr S Debnath.