Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract for Air Conditioners
Opening Date-19-04-2022
Closing Date- 29-04-2022
Auction Notice for disposal/ sale of Wooden Logs
Opening Date-09-02-2022
Closing Date- 26-02-2022
Quotation for Procurement of Hank Dyeing Machine
Opening Date-29-01-2022
Closing Date- 14-02-2022
Quotation for Procurement of Electro spinning system
Opening Date-29-01-2022
Closing Date- 14-02-2022
Supply and installation of Miniature Spinning System at ICAR NINFET, Kolkata
Opening Date-22-01-2022
Closing Date- 12-02-2022
Auction Notice for disposal/sale of Used and broken old Bricks, broken Flower Pots and used old R.C.C. Slabs lying in the Institute campus
Opening Date-15-01-2022
Closing Date- 11-02-2022
Tender notice for Multi Row Jute Seed Drill
Opening Date-14-01-2021
Closing Date- 06-02-2021
Supply of Sewing Machine.
Opening Date-13-01-2021
Closing Date- 10-02-2021
Disposal/sale of Unserviceable scrap items, Unserviceable / obsolete large machineries and Wooden logs
Opening Date-12-01-2021
Closing Date- 04-02-2021
Development of an integrated instrument for pineapple leaf fibre
Opening Date-11-01-2021
Closing Date- 02-02-2021
Training Feedback