• Investigation Of Effect Of Structure Of Jute & Allied Fibre Products On Sound Insulation Property;  Funded by NASF, ICAR; PI: Dr G Bose
  • Development Of Machinery For Extraction Of Fibre From Sisal, Flax And Pineapple Leaf; Funded by CRP-Project, ICAR; PI: Dr L K Nayak.
  • Development Of Grading System And Instruments For Jute And Allied Fibres. Funded by CRP-Project, ICAR, PI: Dr S C Saha
  • Eco-Friendly Chemical Processing Of Ligno-Cellulosic Fibres For The Preparation Of Home Textiles; Funded by CRP-Project; ICAR; PI: Dr S N Chattopadhyay
  • Design And Development Of Disposable Carry Bag From Natural Fibre Based Material; Funded by CRP-Project, ICAR, ICAR-NIRJAFT, PI: Dr S Debnath
  • Surface Modification Of Coarser Yak Fibre For Development Of Jute/Yak Fibres Blended Textile Product; Funded by NAIP, CRP-Project, ICAR. PI: Dr A N Roy
  • Development Of Microcrystalline Cellulose From Jute Caddies/Sticks;  Funded by Ministry of Textitle  (MoT), Govt. of India; PI: Dr R K Ghosh


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