The Zonal Technology Management & Business Planning and Development is an Indian Council of Agricultural Research initiative under National Agricultural Innovation Project, component-I scheme. The aim of this project is –

  • To identify the potential Technologies ready for commercialization and develop into marketable technologies and upscale them under public-private partnership framework.
  • To develop the mechanism for transferring technology from NIRJAFT to public / private sector using Research & Development backup of the institute in commercializing the technologies.
  • To make consistent provision of consultancy and training for creating prospective entrepreneurs and value added manpower and strengthen R&D focus of the institute towards more applied research through backward linkage from industry.

The institute is equipped with modern laboratories having a wide range of sophisticated instruments, equipments, machinery, experimental textile mill, pilot plant etc.

Major Research Programme

  • Extraction & Quality improvement of fibre & Evaluation of fibre properties
  • Development of Technologies for Diversification of jute products (woven & knitted)
  • Development of Diversified value added nonwoven products.
  • Utilization of Agricultural residues of jute & allied fibres for conservation of energy and Preparation of value added products.
  • Transfer of Technology
    For more details visit - http://nirjaftbpd.in/nirjaft.html


 Business Planning & Development Unit at NIRJAFT is a type of TBI based in Jute Technologies. In a step forward to implement this concept, NIRJAFT has come out with the idea of incubation in jute sector for entrepreneurs interested to invest in this sector based on the services listed above. 
The main objectives of this program is to translate the developed technologies into products at industries' level: ZTM-BPD Unit of NIRJAFT is giving facility, techno-economic feasibility, cost evaluation and other commercial facilities. This is to satisfy the need for support to establish an incubation centre for Jute and other natural fibres.

BPD-NIRJAFT aims to facilitate start-up companies to adopt the technologies and success-fully set up the enterprise that stays in incubation for a period sufficent enough to overcome risk and install confidence among the entrepreneurs. 
This unit is a inique of its kind in jute industry.

In the process of sharing the resources, the entrepreneurs can realize the need of research organization and need for the new technology based industry. The aim of the unit is to provide support through the use of shared facility , communication facility, provision of training. assistance in preparation of business plan, access to information, etc.
The incubation concept of BPD will overcome the present challenges by providing incubation centre facilities and new technologies to the entrepreneurs. This initiative will encourage investors to pump in more money in this sector.

Training Feedback