Research and Development (R&D) Unit

The Research and Development (R&D) Unit came into existence in November 2020, as per Office Order No. 16(60)/Adm.I dated: 10.11.2020.

Research and Development unit carries the applied research in the field of design and development of mechanical extractors for various natural fibres, automation in fibre extraction and application of sensors and instruments for performance evaluation of fibre extractors.

In-charge R&D Unit: Dr. V. B. Shambhu, Principal Scientist

Resources available in the R&D Unit

A.      Human Resource:

a.                  Scientific Staff:

1.      Dr. V. B. Shambhu, Principal Scientist, In-charge R&D Unit

2.      Er. Prateek Shrivastava, Scientist, Farm Machinery and Power

b.                  Technical and Supporting Staff:

1.      Mr. Biman Das, Technical Assistant

2.      Mr. Nandu Sharma, Technician

3.      Mr. Swapan Kumar Ghosh, Senior Supporting Staff

4.      Mr. Saikat Maiti, Technician

5.      Ms. Jayeeta Choudhury, Technician


B.    Workshop Resources: Units has a well-engaged and well-equipped workshop with various machinery i.e. Lathe  Machine, Drilling Machine, Milling Machine, Shaper Machine, Welding Machine, Cutter Grinding Machine, Surface Grinding Machine etc.

 Achievements of R&D Unit

In a very short span of R&D unit existence, a ‘Gender-Friendly Power Ribboner’ for extracting the green bark/ribbons from jute plants was developed




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