• Development of Accelerated Retting Technology for Jute and Mesta Plant; Project Code- QEI-22; PI- Dr. D P Ray.
  • Jute Mapping and Estimation of Fibre Quality; Project Code- QEI-23; PI- Dr. B Saha.
  • Microbial Treatment of Barky Root Portion of Jute Fibre for Improvement Its Spinabilit; Project Code- QEI-24; PI- Dr. A Singha.
  • Extraction of Quality Keratin from Waste Wool; Project Code- QEI-25; PI- Dr. A Das.
  • Prospects of Bacteria from Termite for Utilization in Retting of Jute; Project Code- QEI-26; PI- Dr. B S Manjunatha.
  • Application of Jute Based Agro-textiles As Mulching Material for Wide-scale Awareness of Farmers; Project Code- MP-19; PI- Dr. Manik Bhowmick.
  • Development of Natural Fibre Based Moulded/ Laminated Products; Project Code- MP-20; PI- Dr. S Debnath.
  • Development of Laminated Needle Punched Nonwoven for Impermeable Light Weight Packaging; Project Code- MP-21; PI- Dr. S Sengupta.
  • Development of Value-Added Products from Banana Plant Waste; Project Code- MP-22; PI- Dr. K K Samanta.
  • Diversified Uses of Chemically Modified RamieProject Code- MP-23; PI- Dr. Manik Bhowmick.
  • Study of Soil Hydro-Thermal Environment Under Natural Vs Synthetic MulchProject Code- MP-24; PI- Dr. Nilimesh Mridha,
  • Development of Computerised Measuring System of Liquid Propagation of Textiles.Project Code- MP-25; PI- Dr. Surajit Sengupta
  • Development of Carpet Underlay from Sunhemmp Fibre.Project Code- MP-26; PI- Dr. Surajit Sengupta
  • Development of Blended Textiles orom Indian Flax Fibre For Technical ApplicationProject Code- MP-27; PI- Dr. Sanjoy Debnath
  • Development of Blended Textiles orom Indian Flax Fibre For Technical ApplicationProject Code- MP-28; PI- Dr. Kartick Kumar Samanta
  • Coating Jute Fabric to Improve Its Functional Properties for Use as Rigid/ Semi Rigid Packing Material; Project Code- CBP-19; PI- Dr. P C Sarkar.
  • Development of Fire Retardant and Termite Proof Particle Board from Whole Jute Plant; Project Code- CBP-20; PI- Dr. L Ammayappan.
  • Production of High-Value Crystalline Cellulose Microparticle from Fibre Yielding Plants; Project Code-CBP-21; PI- Dr. R.K. Ghosh.
  • Sustainable Innovative Bleaching of Ligno-cellulosic Fibres And Its Effect on Dyeing Behaviour; Project Code-CBP-22; PI- Dr. S N Chattopadhyay
  • Improvement, Upscaling and Popularisation Of Power Ribboner; Project Code- TOT-11; PI- Dr V B Shambhu.
  • Development and Performance Evaluation of Portable Water Tank for Retting Of Jute Ribbons and Root Cuttings; Project Code- TOT-12; PI- Dr. A K Thakur.
  • Branding of ICAR-NINFET Innovations for Technology Transfer and Star-up Creation; Project Code- TOT-13; PI- Dr. S B Roy.

(Last updated on 17.10.2020)

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