 Hiring charges of Seminar Hall and Auditorium of NIRJAFT.

 Medical Card - Employees

 Medical Card - Pensioner

 Grievance Redressal Officer, 23.07.2018

Holi Day List 2019

Endorsement F.N. GAC-21-39/2017-CDN dated 27.11.2018

Circular no. 15(10)/Adm-I/2015 dt 15.01.2019

Empanelled Hospitals - 13.06.2019

Empanelled Hospitals - 22.08.2019

Empanelled Hospitals - 06.12.2019

Empanelled Hospitals - 13.12.2019

Reimbursement of medical claims of non-CGHS pensioners of ICAR - 13.08.2019


Sl. Form Download
1. Advance for purchase of motor car/ motor cycle/ scooter/ personal computer N/A
2. Application for permission to act as an external examiner/ expert/ moderator etc.
3. Checklist for Attending Seminar etc.
4. GFR 154 N/A
5. GFR 155 N/A
6. GPF Advance Form N/A
7. GPF Withdrawal Form N/A
8. House Building Advance N/A
9. Identity Card N/A
10. LTC Advance Form N/A
11. LTC Claim Form N/A
12. Medical Claim Form for Indoor Patient N/A
13. Medical Claim Form for Outdoor Patient N/A
14. Pension Form N/A
15. Reimbursement of News Paper/ Magazine
16. Reimbursement of Tuition Fees N/A
17. Requisition for Issue of Gate Pass/ Road Challan N/A
18. Requisition Form for updating website N/A
19. Research Project Proposal (RPP) N/A
20. Return of Annual Immovable Property N/A
21. TA on Tour N/A
22. Tour Approval N/A
23. Tour requisition for AEBAS
24. Voucher for Petty Contingent Expenditure N/A
25. Residential Quarters N/A
26. TA Bill for Tour N/A
27. Proforma for Requirement of Contractual N/A
28. Format for Adhoc Project Proposal
29. Proforma to be submitted to PME Cell by author(s) for forwarding abstract/full paper for presentation to the national/international seminar/symposia/conference etc. N/A
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