Major events for the year 2018

 Celebration of the World Soil Day

The World Soil Day has been successfully celebrated by the ICAR-National Institute of Research on Jute & Allied Fibre Technology (ICAR-NIRJAFT) at the village Bansbana (one of the adopted villages under Mera Gaon Mera Gaurav programme of ICAR-NIRJAFT), P.O. Fatapur, P.S. Haringhata, Dist. Nadia, West Bengal on 5th December, 2018. Dr.Biplab Saha,  Principal Scientist (Soil Science) and Dr. Atul Singha, Scientist (Agril. Microbiology) of ICAR-NIRJAFT,visited the village along with the MGMG Nodal Officer, Dr. Sanjoy Debnath, Principal Scientist  (Textile Manufacture) to celebrate the World Soil Day with the farmers’ community of the village and members of Bhabanipur Horticulture Development Co-Operative Society Ltd., Haringhata, Dist. Nadia, West Bengal. Mr.Abdullah Mondal, Panchayat Member, Fatepur Village; Mr. Partha Roy, Ex-Panchayat Pradhan of Bansbana village; and Mr. Pintu Mandal, Secretary, Bhabanipur Horticulture Development Co-Operative Society Ltd. graced the occasion with their presence. Forty-five villagers including two female members attended the meeting. Dr. BiplabSaha, Principal Scientist (Soil Science), ICAR-NIRJAFT welcomed the farmers and panchayat members and narrated the audience significance of World Soil Day. He delivered a lecture on different aspects of soil. He also explained the farmers about the significance of values of different soil parameters and recommendations given in a soil health card. Dr. Atul Singha, Scientist, (Agril. Microbiology) discussed the importance of different microorganisms for good soil health and improvement of soil health using scientific methods of adding bio-manure. Lastly, Dr. SanjoyDebnath, Principal Scientist (Textile Manufacture) delivered a lecture on advantages of application of Jute Agro-Textile (JAT) mulching over plastic and other natural mulches and its multiple benefits like soil conservation, environment-friendliness of jute agro-textiles as soil mulch, etc. 

 Self-Sponsor training Programme on “Handmade paper form Jute” organized at ICAR-NIRJAFT, 12 Regent Park, Kolkata -700 040

Two self-Sponsor training Programme on “Handmade paper form Jute” for five days from November 27 to December 01, 2018 have been organized and another from December 03, 2018 to December 07, 2018 at ICAR-NIRJAFT, 12 Regent Park, Kolkata -700040 for sustainability of entrepreneurship development and self-employment generation. In the each training programmes ten (10) persons were participated. In this training programme making of papers from jute fibres by the participants was successfully conducted.

ICAR-NIRJAFT, January 03, 2018:

The institute celebrated its 80th foundation day here today. Present and retired employees of the institute have attended the programme along with the other invited guests.

The event acted as a live social media for the day, where the ex-employees have intermingled with each other and exchanged their memories gathered over the year. The serving employees rejoiced after uniting with their old colleagues and brought the past into a present form inside the buzzing campus. After the on-campus socialization, the participants have assembled in the institute auditorium.

The event began with a chorus song by Leena, Chandra, Ipsita, Deb Prasad & Syco. Their soft and melodious voice has played the strings of the hearts and minds of the people present in the institute auditorium. Then after the dignitaries joined with the auspicious lamp lightening ceremony.

Dr. A.N. Roy, Director (Acting) has welcomed the dignitaries on dais, invited guests, retired employees and present staff members. He has reminded the august gathering about the great achievements of our glorious organization with the hope of taking it to the further level by the present employees.  Dr. Nawab Ali, former DDG (Engineering), ICAR and Chief Guest of the event has delivered the foundation day lecture. He has emphasized upon the research on frontier areas for diversification and value addition to natural fibres. Dr. D. Sur, former Senior Deputy Director, IJIRA and Guest of Honour of the event in his address urged the scientists to take forward the legacy of the past researchers in doing research and extension for the upliftment of jute growers and jute industry. Dr. G. Bose, Head, Mechanical Processing Division has presented last year’s achievements of the institute and new R&D programmes initiated.


The latest issue of the annual hindi magagine of the institute “DEVANJALI”was released by the dignitaries on dais. Distribution of certificates & trophies to the winners of the Quiz Competition held in connection with this event was part of this annual event.



A self-Sponsor training Programme on “Advanced Jute Handicrafts” for two weeks from February 12-24, 2018 have been organized at ICAR-NIRJAFT, 12 Regent Park, Kolkata -700040 for sustainability of entrepreneurship development and self-employment generation. In the training programme twenty two (22) persons were participated, among them 17 were female and 5 were male. In this training programme different types of Idols, scenery, and decorative items were fabricated from jute fibre by the participants.


ICAR-NIRJAFT, February 17, 2018:
The Technology and Machinery Demonstration Mela 2018 held on February 17, 2018 Organised by ICAR-NIRJAFT. Farmers related to jute cultivation from Mera Gaon Mera Gaurav adopted villages of Nadia, 24 Parganas (South), Howrah and Hooghly districts have participated this programme.
The programme started with welcome address by Dr. A. N. Roy, Director (Acting), ICAR-NIRJAFT followed by inauguration of the demonstration stall.
Various products and technologies developed in the Institute were shown through exhibits and live demonstration of extraction and processing machineries. The participants were visited to different technologies, products and process related to jute and allied fibres & briefed about the machineries and technologies developed in the institute and their need for extraction, quality determination and product diversification in jute & allied fibre sector.
ICAR-NIRJAFT, January 31, 2018:
The 69th meeting of the Institute Management Committee (IMC) of the ICAR-NIRJAFT held on 30.01.2018. The meeting was attended by members viz. Dr. S. N. Jha ADG(PE) ICAR, Dr. Alok Nath Roy Director(Acting), Dr. Niranjan Prasad of IINRG Ranchi, Dr. Sabyasachi Mitra of CRIJAF, Dr. Indra Mani Mishra of IARI, Sh. Amitabh Singh FAO and Sh. Navin Kumar Jha SAO. Total 7 members of IMC were present during meeting. Chairman and members of QRT also present during meeting. The Head of Divisions of NIRJAFT also present during meeting.


Major events for the year 2016

 ICAR-NIRJAFT, Kolkata, January 4, 2016: 78th Foundation day of ICAR-National Institute of Research on Jute and Allied Fibre Technology and 5thDr. P.B. Sarkar Memorial lecture were organized on January 4, 2016 at NIRJAFT auditorium. The programme was presided over by Dr. B.C. Mitra, Ex Director, NIRJAFT and Ex-RAC Chairman. The programme started with the ICAR theme song followed by lightening of lamp to mark the inauguration of the programme. Dr. D. Nag, Director, NIRJAFT welcomed all the delegates, Ex-NIRJAFT employees and staffs of the institute who attended the programme. Dr. Nag during his welcome address described in detail about the institute’s achievements and events for the last one year. Then a small video show regarding felicitation of Dr. S.B. Bandyopadhyay, Ex-Director, NIRJAFT on his 100th birth anniversary held on December 13, 2015 was presented before the audience which was enjoyed by all. Dr. B.C. Mitra during his presidential address briefly described the achievements of the institute for the last 78 years and under the leadership of different directors of NIRJAFT. Foundation day lecture was given by Dr. B.S. Bisht, Ex-Vice Chancellor of G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar, Uttarakhand and presently Director, Birla Institute of Applied Sciences, Bhimtal, Uttarakhand. He dealt with history and development of different natural fibres including cotton, jute and other lignocellulosic fibres. In his lecture he unearthed the potential and scope of utilization of natural fibres based on advance research and development. He expressed concern about present scientific strength of only 40% against cadre strength in the instituter. (Prof.) D. Chattopadhyay, Vice-Chancellor, Amity University, Kolkata and Ex-Pro-Vice Chancellor(Academic affairs), University of Calcutta presented 5thDr. P.B. Sarkar memorial lecture on the topic “Smart Materials and Chemical Industries”. In his presentation, he mainly described about application of nanotechnology in different industries particularly with reference to Fibre Technology. He told that nanotechnology can be applied in smart textiles, military apparels, functional finishing of textiles and several other application areas. He mentioned that during application of nano-chemicals, study of nano-toxicity should also be done so that the product is safe for use. He also mentioned that size of the nano-pesticides is the main factor for evaluation of nano-toxicity. Earlier, Dr. N. C. Pan Head, Chemical and Bio-chemical Processing Div. provided the life sketch of Late Dr. P. B. Sarkar who was the second Director of the institute and incidentally the first Director in independent India. The programme ended with a hearty vote of thanks to the dignitaries as well as the participants.

 ICAR-NIRJAFT, Kolkata, April 2, 2016:ICAR-National Research Institute on Jute & Allied Fibre Technology (ICAR-NIRJAFT), Kolkata organized a Panel discussion on “Natural Fibre based Diversified Products-Imperatives for Growth” in collaboration with The Indian Natural Fibre Society (TINFS), Kolkata at ICAR-NIRJAFT auditorium on April 2, 2016.

Dr D Nag, Director, ICAR-NIRJAFT and President, TINFS, Kolkata welcomed all the delegates and invited panel members to the dais. He told the importance for organizing such events. The programme was chaired by Shri. Chhabilendra Roul, IAS, Additional Secretary, DARE & Secretary ICAR, GOI; Prof. (Dr.) Sabu Thomas, International & Inter University Centre for Nanoscience & Nanotechnology (IIUCNN) & International Unit on Macromoulecular Science & Engineering (IUMSE), Mahatma Gandhi university, Kerala; Shri Arvind Kumar M, Secretary, National Jute Board, Ministry of Textiles, GOI; Shri O.P. Prahaladka, Director & National Convenor (ER), Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts, Dr. Debanjan Sur, Member-RAC, ICAR-NIRJAFT, Kolkata, acted as a moderator of the Panel discussion. Shri C. Roul, IAS, delivered a lecture on sustainability of jute diversified products (JDP) with special attention on paper and pulp sector, geo-textiles and composites.  Prof. (Dr.) S. Thomas discussed on the use of natural fibres in composites and immense potential of natural fibre derived nanocellulose in composites for frontier applications. Shri Arvind Kumar M discussed about the futuristic approaches/policies for jute geotextiles (JGT) in road constructions, out reach programmes for promotion of natural fibres etc. Shri O.P. Prahaladka emphasized that there is a need to change the image of jute as a cheap product by value addition through life style products. Important issues like agrotextiles, geo-textiles, quality jute products for diversified sector, long term training instead of short term training for capacity building, new entrepreneur development and finally, industry-trade-institute joint actions to overcome the constraints in JDPs were discussed.

About 130 participants from different organizations like ICAR-National Research Institute on Jute & Allied Fibre Technology, Kolkata; ICAR-Central Research Institute on Jute & Allied Fibre, Barrackpore; Government College of Engineering & Textile Technology, Serampore; Department of Jute & Fibre Technology, Calcutta University; National Jute Board, GOI and members of TINFS participated in this panel discussion.

 ICAR-NIRJAFT, Kolkata, April 2, 2016: Shri Chhabilendra Roul, Additional Secretary, DARE & Secretary ICAR, visited ICAR-NIRJAFT, Kolkata on 2nd April, 2016. Dr D Nag, Director welcomed the Secretary to the Institute and mentioned his active association with Jute. He showed the work and achievements of the Institute. Shri Roul visited the NIRJAFT Laboratories and interacted with Scientists. While visiting different facilities, products and laboratories, he took keen interact in the technologies developed and congratulated scientists for good work done. Simultaneously he urged scientists to disseminate the technologies more aggressively. He addressed the Institute staff in Auditorium and stressed upon all to follow FR-SR and GFR rules & provisions in official activities. He advised more transparency in matters of Procurement and Recruitment. He told that scientists must know different rule while acting as a member of Chairman while administrative/ finance officers should appraise the scientists about different rule when may sought for help. Shri Roul assured that he will extend all support whenever the help is needed. Mr. Rajeev Lal, CAO proposed the vote of thanks.

 ICAR-NIRJAFT, Kolkata, May 5, 2016: A 02 days’ participatory technology development-cum-training programme on “Extraction, processing and product development from pineapple leaf fibre” sponsored by Meghalaya Institute of Entrepreneurship, Government of Meghalaya was organized at ICAR-National Institute of Research on Jute & Allied Fibre Technology, Kolkata during May 3-4, 2016. Ten women from a Self Help Group (SHG) and two officials from Meghalaya Institute of Entrepreneurship, Government of Meghalaya participated in this programme.

Dr. Alok Nath Roy, Head, Transfer of Technology Division & Course Director welcomed the participants and briefed about the training programme. Important aspects of pineapple leaf fibre extraction & processing viz. mechanization in fibre extraction, improved retting methods, scouring & bleaching of fibre & product development were covered through lecture and demonstration during the programme. Participants also visited different laboratories of the institute. An interactive session of the trainees with scientists of the institute was held on the second day i.e. May 04, 2016 under the chairmanship of Dr. D. Nag, Director, who distributed certificates to the participants for their successful completion of the training. Dr. Laxmikanta Nayak, Senior Scientist, coordinated the training programme.

 KVK, Jagatballavpur, May 27, 2016: ICAR-National Institute of Research on Jute and Allied Fibre Technology (NIRJAFT) organized “Technology and Machinery Demonstration Mela” at Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), Jagatballavpur, Howrah, West Bengal under Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya (BCKV), Nadia, West Bengal on 27th May, 2016. Prof. Ajoy Kumar Ray, Director, Indian Institute of Engg., Science and Technology (IIEST), Shibpur, Howrah, graced the occasion as Chief Guest. This Demonsc The esteemed guests of honour, during their address to about 700 farmers and members of farming families, appreciated sincere efforts made by NIRJAFT in organizing this type of event which will directly benefit the farmers in this region and provide them information about different machines and technologies developed for entrepreneurship development.

Participants represented different farmer clubs widely spread in the whole district of Howrah and its adjoining districts. Dr. Ajoy Kumar Ray, Director, IIEST, stressed that the new technologies developed in the field of jute and allied fibres particularly geo-textiles has tremendous potential for diversified application and he expressed his optimism about relevance of these Melas as an interaction field for scientists and farmers which will help free exchange of their views. All the farmers took keen interest in different technology demonstrations and a section of the participants expressed their willingness to form groups to adopt technologies like banana fibre extraction, bleaching and dyeing of jute, making handloom fabrics and preparation of handicrafts from jute fibres and yarns for their income generation. A quiz competition specifically on Agriculture and allied activities was also arranged in the afternoon session and 50 successful participants were rewarded to create awareness among the farming families. The programme ended with a cultural programme staged by the staff of KVK, Jagatballavpur, Howrah.

 ICAR-NIRJAFT, Kolkata, June 15, 2016: Agri Business Incubation Centre of ICAR-National Institute of Research on Jute and Allied Fibre Technology organized “Workshop on Agri-Business Incubation” at ICAR-NIRJAFT, West Bengal on 15th June 2016. Dr. Trilochan Mahapatra, Secretary DARE & Director General –ICAR was the Chief Guest and Dr. Joykrushna Jena, DDG, Fisheries-ICAR, Dr. Sanjeev Saxena, ADG (IPTM), ICAR and Swami Vishwamayananda, Secretary, Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Sargachi were the Guest of Honour. About 25 JDP (Jute Diversified Product) manufacturers were participated along with other Dignitaries. Four MOU and Four MOA were signed between ICAR-NIRJAFT and different JDP (Jute Diversified Product) Manufacturers who wanted to do business adopting different ICAR-NIRJAFT Technologies.

The main objective of this Incubator was to translate the developed Agro Technologies into Business ventures and nurturing the next generation potential entrepreneurs to grow. The ABI unit at ICAR-NIRJAFT was giving thrust to provide facilities like office infrastructure, laboratory, pilot plant, and other Commercial facilities. This was to satisfy the need of the entrepreneurs that stays in incubation for a period sufficient to overcome risk and instill confidence among them.

Dr. P. G. Karmakar, Director, ICAR-CRIJAF, Dr. T. K. Ghoshal, The Officer-In-Charge, Kakdwip Research centre of Central Institute of Brackish water Aquaculture (CIBA), Dr. B. Barman, Head, Regional Research Station of Central Soil Salinity Research Institute (CSSRI), Dr. D. C. Nayak, Head, Regional Centre, National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land Use Planning (NBSSLUP), Dr. B. K. Mahapatra, The Officer-In-Charge, Central Institute of Fisheries Education Centre, Dr. S. K. Roy , Director, Agricultural Technology Application Research Institute were also present in the auspicious occasion.

Dr. Debasis Nag, Director, ICAR-NIRJAFT deliberated a hearty welcome address to all the dignitaries. He described the main objectives and necessities of such workshop briefly. In his speech, Dr. Sanjeev Saxena, ADG (IPTM), ICAR emphasized on scalability, potentiality and sustainability of the technologies developed by the different Institutes of ICAR. He also mentioned that the experience gathered from BPD was very much important to sustain this project. He also described how different Govt. policies, such as new IPR Policy, Skill India, Make in India and Atal Mission would be beneficial for the ICAR-Institutions.  Swami Vishwamayananda, Secretary, Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Sargachi started his deliberation with Swaraswati Stotra and he explained about learning and true knowledge of spirituality in a different dimension.  He also added that the ultimate goal of our life should be to do good for the people, society and nation. Dr. Joykrushna Jena, DDG, Fisheries-ICAR was the next speaker of that day. He started his speech describing the state mind of learning and reading. He also added that the main intention of different ICAR Institutes were to develop different technologies of inventions that should help the farmers and industries whatever it might be. So he hoped that the Incubation Center of ICAR-NIRJAFT would definitely help the entrepreneurs of this region.

Dr. Trilochan Mahapatra, Secretary DARE & Director General –ICAR reminded in his speech about the responsibility of choosing the potential entrepreneur with multiple dimensions, whether he would farmer or unemployed youth or an existing business house wanting diversify their business. He suggested that before captivating entrepreneur we should study them according to the guideline for assuming the success rate of them. He also added to share the experiences with other Incubation Centers regarding their success and failure for making strategies.

The Indian Natural Fibre Society bestowed Dr. Trilochan Mohapatra, Secretary DARE & Director General –ICAR in recognition of his immense contribution in Science and Technology the prestigious Honourary Patronship which was conveyed by Dr. D. Nag, Director, ICAR-NIRJAFT and the present Chairman of the Society.

There were release of two books entitled Jute Card Design” by Dr. P. K. Das and Dr. D. Nag and “Book on Technology Profile” by the Agri-Business Incubation.

There were exchange of 4 MoUs and MoAs between Kamala Multi-Purpose Farming Marketing & Producer SocietyPaschim Medinipur, Milltex Ecofibres P. Ltd, Joy Maa Tara Enterprise and Mr. Sourav Chowdhury regarding various technologies.

After that there was the Launching of ABI Website by the Trilochan Mahapatra, Secretary DARE & Director General –ICAR. In this website all the guideline and brief description of potential technologies were available for the incubatees.

The programme was ended by the formal Vote of Thanks by Dr. Alok Nath RoyPrincipal Investigator of ABI and Head of the Division, Transfer of Technology.

 ICAR-NIRJAFT, Kolkata, June 21, 2016: Shri Radha Mohan Singh, Hon’ble Union Minister of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare, Government of India, visited National Institute of Research on Jute & Allied Fibre Technology, Kolkata on 21st June 2016. During his visit of the institute’s facilities, pilot plants and diversified products developed by the institute specially on home textiles, technical textiles including byproduct utilization, he appreciated the efforts of NIRJAFT in its hot pursuit and stressed on emphasis to be given on marketing of products at the national and international level. He also evinced keen interest in the institute’s showcasing of ornamental and utility fabrics woven in its own jackard handloom which are displayed in the institute’s Display-cum-Sales Counter. Later on, the Hon’ble Minister addressed all the institute employees and noted the cadre strength and existing strength of all categories of Scientists, technical, administrative and supporting grade personnel. During his address, the minister emphasized that institute must create and maintain a harmonious environment where all its employees can work together following strict punctuality. At the end, Hon’ble Minister addressed a press conference of electronic and print media and elicited his views on increasing awareness on jute and its products among the common mass.

Hon'ble AM & DirectorHon'ble AM on the diasHon'ble addressing the media

 ICAR-NIRJAFT, Kolkata, July 9, 2016: Shri Sudarshan Bhagat, Hon’ble Minister of State for Agriculture & Farmers Welfare visited Kolkata on 9th July, 2016. As desired by his office, Dr. Gautam Roy, Director (Acting), Dr. Gautam Bose, Acting Head of Mechanical Processing Division and Shri R.D. Sharma, Assistant Director (Official Language) met him at the West Bengal State Guest House and presented Review of progress and recent activities of ICAR-NIRJAFT before him. Minister expressed his satisfaction regarding the progress made by ICAR-NIRJAFT in recent years and also expressed his willingness to visit the institute as early as possible.

 ICAR-NIRJAFT, Kolkata, August 9, 2016: A 3 days National Level Training on “Production and retting technology of Jute/Mesta/Ramie/Sunnhemp including other related aspects” sponsored by National Food Security Mission (NFSM) - Commercial Crops, Department of Agriculture, Cooperation & Farmers Welfare, Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, Govt. of India was inaugurated at ICAR-NIRJAFT, Kolkata. Twenty-five trainees from different jute growing districts of West Bengal, Bihar, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh & Tripura have participated in this programme.

In the inaugural session Dr. A.N. Roy, Head, Transfer of Technology Division & Course Director welcomed the guests and participants and highlighted on the importance of this training programme.  Dr. G. Roy, Director (Acting) spoke about the need of value addition & product diversification in jute & allied fibre sector. Dr. P.K. Das, Ex-Professor, BCKV graced the occasion as chief guest and elaborated upon the issues related to the production and post harvest processing of fibre crops.  Dr. K. Manoharan, Director, Directorate of Jute Development has graced the occasion as guest of honour and complemented the role of ICAR-NIRJAFT in organizing such training programmes. Dr. S.K. Biswas, Ex-Directror, Directorate of Jute Development has attended the programme as special guest and briefed about the present status and future needs in jute & allied fibre crops. Dr. L.K. Nayak, Senior Scientist and Co- Course Director has proposed the vote of thanks.

Lectures on recent advances in retting technology, allied fibres extraction & processing, geo-textiles, ornamental fabrics, particle-boards, hand-made paper, agri-business incubation etc. will be covered in this training programme. Visit to different laboratories of the Institute & live demonstration on ribboning & allied fibre extraction technologies also forms a part of this training programme.

 ICAR-NIRJAFT, Kolkata, August 17, 2016: ICAR-National Institute of Research on Jute and Allied Fibre Technology, Kolkata organized a special Innovation Cell brainstorming lecture on Innovations in engineering technology design, dissemination and commercialization” at ICAR-NIRJAFT, Kolkata on August 17, 2016.

Dr. Indra Mani Mishra, Head, Division of Agricultural Engineering, IARI, New Delhi delivered lecture on “Innovations in engineering technology design, dissemination and commercialization”. He briefly described the meaning of Innovation. Indeed he pointed out that Human life and pursuits are full of innovations. An innovation is characterized by newness, economical, low cost and meant for solving a specific problem. In fact, innovation may come from anyone –Irrespective of age/qualification. He also highlighted the Government of India initiative to establish Design Innovation Centres to promote a culture of innovation and creative problem solving, to promote knowledge sharing, and to enhance interdisciplinary design-focussed education, research & entrepreneurial activities. Such a centre is being established at IARI with the hand holding of IIT-Kanpur.


(From left side: Dr. G. Roy, Director (Acting), ICAR-NIRJAFT; Dr. Indra Mani Mishra, Head, Division of Agricultural Engineering, IARI )

 ICAR-NIRJAFT, Kolkata, August 25, 2016: A six days long hands on skill training programme on “Manufacture of jute Handicrafts” under Agri Business Incubation (ABI) Project, ICAR-NIRJAFT, Kolkata was inaugurated at KVK, Bhadrak (OUAT) Odisha here today.

Dr. S.S. Mohapatra, ADR, RRTTS, Bhadrak has graced the occasion as Chief Guest and complemented the effort of ICAR-NIRJAFT, Kolkata & KVK, Bhadrak for jointly organizing this skill development programme.

Shri R. Mohanty, AGM, NABARD, Bhadrak has spoken about the facilities available for setting up enterprises.

Dr. Aurobindo Das, Senior Scientist & Head, KVK, Bhadrak has highlighted upon the role of KVK in developing rural entrepreneurs through jute handicrafts.

Dr. Laxmikanta Nayak, Senior Scientist, ICAR-NIRJAFT, Kolkata has briefed about the ABI project.

Fifteen progressive farmers associated with agro-based craft works of Bhadrak district, Odisha have participated in this programme.

 ICAR-NIRJAFT, Kolkata, October 26, 2016: ICAR-National Institute of Research on Jute and Allied Fibre Technology, Kolkata successfully conducted a winter school on “Value addition in jute and allied fibres through product diversification & waste utilization” from 15th September to 5th October 2016. 23 participants from different organizations have participated in this Winter School. Lectures on different aspects of value addition & waste utilisation on jute and allied fibres, field visits, demonstrations and group presentations were part of this 21- Days programme.

In the valedictory function, Dr. Asit Kumar Chakravarti, Ex-Vice Chancellor, Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswa Vidyalaya, West Bengal has graced the occasion as Chief Guest and distributed the certificates. Dr. A.N. Roy, Course Director has presented the training report and Dr. L. Ammayappan, Co-Course Director has proposed the Vote of thanks,

 ICAR-NIRJAFT, Kolkata, November 4, 2016: ICAR-National Institute of Research on Jute and Allied Fibre Technology, Kolkata organized a special Innovation Cell brainstorming lecture on "Innovation thru' Matrix R&D Approach in Jute Sector" at ICAR-NIRJAFT, Kolkata on November 4, 2016.

Dr. Raj Kachru, Ex-Assistant Director General (Process Engg. & ARIS), ICAR and Former Member (AGM, ICAR) delivered a lecture on “Innovation thru' Matrix R&D Approach in Jute Sector". He briefly mentioned the importance of jute sector in Indian economy, especially in West Bengal. He also pointed out that in near future jute products need to be diversified for different end uses over the mandatory packaging material. The jute value chain was analysed by SWOT analysis. From the discussion, it was emerged that there is a need of entrepreneurial support & greater synergy with Govt. vis-a-vis technology upgradation & modernization. Indeed emphasis was given on developing new and non-traditional markets by exploiting the versatility of Jute & Allied Fibres through multidimensional and multi-fibres research approach. About 100 eminent persons of from the various jute and allied fibres related academic institute, research organization and industry actively participated in this brainstorming session.

ICAR-NIRJAFT, Kolkata, November 5, 2016: ICAR-NIRJAFT observed Vigilance Awareness week programme in the institute. Pledge taking ceremony was administered to all officials and staffs on October 31, 2016. Weeklong programme like debate competition, quiz competition, essay writing competition was arranged in the institute as well as in a nearby school. Closing ceremony for vigilance Awareness week programme was held on November 5, 2016. In this ceremony, Dr. N.C. Pan, Vigilance Officer has given welcome address. Dr. G. Roy, Director (Acting), ICAR-NIRJAFT elaborated the importance of vigilance Awareness week. In this occasion, Chief Guest was Mr. B.B. Chakraborty, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Crime Branch, CBI. He has given the overview of Vigilance Awareness and Government Rules and regulation in this regard. He also explained that the initiative to eradicate corruption should be started from school level.

Dr. L.K. Nayak, Senior Scientist proposed vote of thanks.

Biswanath College of Agriculture, Biswanath, Chariali, November 30, 2016: A Brainstorming workshop on Production and Grading of Ramie Fibre was held at Biswanath College of Agriculture at Biswanath Chariali under Assam Agricultural University on 30.11.2016. The Workshop was jointly organized by ICAR-National Institute of Research on Jute & Allied Fibre Technology and Biswanath College of Agriculture, Assam Agricultural University.

In his inaugural address Prof. (Dr.) T.C.Baruah, Associate Dean of Assam Agricultural University, expressed his happiness for the initiative taken by ICAR for conducting this workshop on ramie production and grading in region particularly in Assam and also appreciated the ICAR-NIRJAFT on ramie for an effort towards development of new ramie grading system.

On this occasion Dr.Gautam Roy, Director (acting), ICAR-NIRJAFT accentuated on the involvement of local youth for enhancement of area under ramie cultivation. He acknowledged the Assam Agricultural University for their strident work towards ramie cultivation and germplasm development. He urged to develop the ramie marketing sector in a scientific way matching the global best practices to promote it as an enterprise that can provide employment to the youths of the region.

Prof. (Dr.) H.C.Bayan, the Principal Investigator of Consortium Research Platform in his deliberation emphasized upon cultivation and production practices of ramie suitable for the area.

Dr. Subhas Chandra Saha, Senior Scientist and Convener of the programme deliberated to promote and accelerate the progress of research and training in Ramie cultivation and grading for better remuneration to the farmers.

The workshop was organized to promote the ramie cultivation in the Assam-Brahmapura Basin and gain its lost glory on this strongest bust fibre.

Celebration of the World Soil Day, December 5, 2016: The World Soil Day has been successfully celebrated by the ICAR-National Institute of Research on Jute & Allied Fibre Technology (NIRJAFT) at one of the adopted village under Mera Gaon Mera Gaurav (MGMG). The MGMG Nodal Officer, Dr. Sanjoy Debnath, P.S. (Textile Manufacture) of ICAR-NIRJAFT, Dr.Biplab Saha, P.S. (Soil Science) and Mr. Koushik Mitra has visited the village, Bhabanipur on 5th December, 2016 to celebrate this World Soil Day. Village community, Gram Panchyat Members and Panchyat Samiti and members of Bhabanipur Horticulture Development Co-Operative Society Ltd., Bhabanipur, P.O. Srikrishnapur, P.S. Haringhata, Dist. Nadia, Pin 746711, West Bengal. Mr. Bhajon Mondal, G.P. Member, Fatepur Village, Mr. Maula Baksha Mondal, Karmadhakshya, Haringhata P.S., and Mr. Pintu Mandal, Secretary, Bhabanipur Horticulture Development Co-Operative Society LCetd., Bhabanipur have graced the programme. Total 31 farmers have attended this progrmme along with six female members of the village.

Dr. Sanjoy Debneth, P.S. (Textile Manufacture) and MGMG Nodal Officer of ICAR-NIRJAFT welcomed the Gram Panchyat guests and Secretory of the Co-Operative society, Bhabanipur and farmers of the village present over there and briefed about the World Soil Day Programme. The dignitaries on the Dias also mentioned the importance of the soil and thanks the ICAR-NIRJAFT, Kolkata to organize such programme on this auspicious occasion. After the inaugural session, Dr. Biplab Saha, P.S. (Soil Science), ICAR-NIRJAFT welcomed the farmers and panchayat members and delivered a lecture on different aspects of soil. In his lecture he mentioned about the composition of soil, nutrients and micro-nutrients, different organic and inorganic fertilizers, the importance of appropriate fertilizer, erosion of soil and protection for that, sustainability of the soil health, importance of soil health card, importance of micro-nutrients and bio-fertilizer in maintaining soil health, etc. Dr. Sanjoy Debnath, P.S. (Textile Manufacture) welcomed all and delivered a lecture on application of agro-textile, jute mulching, advantages of jute mulch over plastic and other natural mulch, multi-advantages of the jute mulch, soil erosion control and environ-friendly aspects of jute mulch for soil, etc. There were lot of discussions on these above two lectures and farmers over there have clarified various aspects to maintain the good soil health.

The meeting ended with the vote of thanks to all the members present over the World Soil Day celebration programme at the village.

One-day Library Workshop, December 22, 2016: ICAR- National Institute on Research on Jute & Allied Fibre Technology, Kolkata has organized one-day Library Workshop on “Complementary Nature of Conventional and Digital Library in Modern Information Dissemination System” on 22.12.2016.

Dr. G. Roy, Director, ICAR-NIRJAFT, Kolkata has given welcome address. He elaborated the importance or digital library in the present day context. Dr. Rina Naiya, Library –In-Charge, has given introductory speech regarding ICAR-NIRJAFT library facilities available for users. She had also discussed about the theme of workshop in brief.

Shri Satyabrata Roy, Ex-Librarian, Indian Association for Cultivation of Science, Kolkata was the Chief Guest in this occasion. He pointed out the challenges ahead in managing the libraries and also the information dissemination system and library management framework. Dr. N.C. Ghosh, Librarian, CSIR-Indian institute of Chemical Biology, Kolkata presented his paper on Traditional vs Digital Library. Dr. Sabuj Kumar Choudhuri, Assistant Professor, Department of Library and Information Science, University of Calcutta presented the paper on Changing Face of Library: Human Memory to Computer Memory.

Dr. S.N. Chattopadhyay, Principal Scientist, ICAR-NIRJAFT, Kolkata propose vote of thanks.

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