Report of Farmers’ Awareness Campaign on Balance Fertilizer Use

ICAR National Institute of Natrual Fibre Engineering and Technology (ICAR-NINFET) organized, “Farmers’ Awareness Campaign on Balance Fertilizer Use” in virtual mode through zoom link on 18th June, 2021 during 2.00-3.00 pm. Farmers of different districts of West Bengal were sent the id and password of the link and the translated messages  of Director General of ICAR, Deputy Director General (NRM) and the Director ICAR-NINFET in Local language Bengali with invitation to participate in the programme. Farmers from main jute growing districts like North 24 Parganas, Nadia, Hooghly, Murshidabad, Coochbehar and Malda joined the programme in response to our invitation. At the outset, the Director ICAR-NINFET gave warm welcome to all the participants. Then Dr. D.P.Ray, Principal Scientist, QE&I division introduced the farmers about the programme and narrated about the importance of application of balanced fertilizer in the soil. Dr D.B.Sakhywar, Director, ICAR-NINFET elaborated about the overview and objective of the programme as a part of different activities for celebration of 75th year of India’s Independence. Dr Biplab Saha, Principal Scientist (Soil Science) and Head (Acting) of QEI division, ICAR-NINFET delivered a detail lecture on importance of macro, micro and secondary nutrient elements for plants, need of balanced fertilizer use, application of the fertilizer  on the basis of soil testing, soil health card scheme of Government of India, organic manure application like-green manure, compost, Blue Green Algae (BGA), vermi-compost , biofertilizer application like- rhizobium, Azatobactor, PSB; Integrated Nutrient Management (INM); crop residue management-like incorporation of stubble in the soil and stubble mulching and last but not the least fertigation through drip irrigation. Farmers from different districts also shared their experience on organic farming and benefit of foliar spray of fertilizer and incorporation of organic matter in the soil through compost. They admitted that soil health was also improved in that process and yield of crop increased by 25%. The meeting ended with vote of thanks by Dr Nilmesh Mridha to Chair and all the participants.    

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