jute nonwoven mulching
NIRJAFT, ICAR, Kolkata has successfully designed and developed jute nonwoven mulching sheet. It has been tested and compared with different mulch materials including plastic. In a trial at CIPHET, Abohar, Punjab, jute nonwoven mulch sheet of different area density and thickness have been tested and compared with black and white plastic of different thickness on strawberry plants. It was observed that jute nonwoven fabric has given best result with respect to moisture retention, weed suppression, plant health, fruit quality and fruit quantity.

 It was also observed that the availability of strawberry in the field was extended up to middle of May in case of jute mulching, whereas it was no longer available in middle of April for plastic mulching.  Hence, the availability of strawberry in off-season will fetch a good return on investment to the farmer using jute mulching. In another trial at Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Goyeshpur, Nadia, West Bengal, effect of different mulch materials e.g. straw, saw dust, banana leaf, white plastic, black plastic and jute nonwoven have been studied on heat resistant (summer) tomato. Out of these, jute nonwoven and straw have given the best result on tomato production and health of plant. From all these trials, it can be concluded that jute nonwoven mulching is suitable and economically viable for high valued crops.